aftermath of work.

= ugly hair, ugly skin, no make up. yuck. but in other news, aunt flow came!!!11!!!



strangely, i don’t miss it at all.

hello, i have the strangest dream last night bye.




I’m such a noob for not bringing my camera along thus I had to resort to “borrowing” the photos form Ying’s friend. Big night out this year was super dee duper awesomeeeeeeee!!!!! so awesome that i came back with a fever after that. hahahaha. All the line ups were superb. And now I can’t wait for Placebo!!!1!!!!!1! I’ve been sick lately. Oh btw Justin was OMG DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!! :))))) So Placebo’s next, Arctic Monkeys after that perhaps? or Kasabian? Pretty pls. *insert pout face here.

pink ranger + minnie mouse


im aware that i haven’t been spending much time here. ever since mum got me an iphone, i’ve been pretty much surfing the net with it, neglecting my imac which makes my sister really happy coz now, she’s able to hog on it as long as she wants. oh and i even gave her my ipod too. so what’s up with me? coping, coping with everything around me. i seriously miss a lot of my friends and i’ve not seen them close to almost 6 months now. i seriously need a vacation. asap. period. was thinking of going back to aussie again this year but i want something beach-y. bali perhaps? or phuket? i dont know maybe i’ll settle with aussie in the end. i seriously love that country. ohhh and i’m a happy girl today, i bought new shoes!!!!!!!!


there are times that i just feel like running away. running away from everything. family, friends, school, work…..and this is how i’m feeling, exactly my sentiments. im emotionally, physically exhausted. so where do i go from here? help?